As the pre-eminent dance studio in Rockland County, NY, Coupé Theatre Studio relies heavily on its web presence to recruit new students and communicate with students and families. The previous site, while visually pleasing, had been built in a non-responsive platform which prevented busy dancers and families from accessing the site through their mobile devices. The new site is fully responsive and infinitely expandable to allow for frequent updates so as to be able to maintain up-to-the-minute communication with the studio's clientele. Visit the site at (Photographs by Glenn Smith.)

Eurythmy Spring Valley had been using their original website designed in the early 1990's. Clumsy to maintain, and stylistically dated, the site was in serious need of an upgrade. Working in collaboration with a developer, I designed the architecture and visual layout for Eurythmy Spring Valley's elegant, artistic new website. Visit the site at (Photographs by Rafael Manacas and Bill Day, Threefold Educational Center)