typographyI first fell in love with graphic design the day I watched a staff designer perform magic on her computer with QuarkXPress, turning my unadorned text document into an exciting, inviting thing of beauty. The more I realized what could be done with words to turn them into visual art, the more I noticed that so many of the publications I worked with were not, in fact, works of art. So, I bought some software, went to school, and took on the job of designing and breathing new life into those dreary brochures, catalogues, and annual reports at the non-profit agency I worked for. Along the way, I’ve developed a fascination with typography, and the impact the right (or wrong) typeface can have on the intended message of the text. In true geek fashion, I just love that there is an entire movie about Helvetica!

As a freelancer, I’ve worked with numerous non-profits and small businesses, to present their message, whether in a 3×5 gift certificate or 96-page commemorative journal, in the most artistic and compelling way possible. I strive for clean, readable, elegant design with ample doses of fun where indicated. This, to me, is intelligentwindjammer design.

My love of windjammers began long before I discovered graphic design. I was fortunate to spend several of my teenage summers in a quaint little cottage on the coast of Maine, where the high tide line was just outside the front door, and three-masted schooners called windjammers regularly sailed past, close enough that we could hear the conversations of those on board. I loved the sleek, authentic simplicity of these beautiful vessels, and dreamed of becoming a crew member someday. Though that never came to pass, I still love the sight and sounds of a windjammer under sail, a talisman of grace, beauty, and endless possibility.